The Incentive for ESG is Growing Stronger

Picture this: you are taking a stroll on Sunday morning through pretty nature reserve and you happen to pass a young puppy who has run away and fallen into a small stream. Its paws are hopelessly thrashing the water and its sweet face looks at you with sheer desperation. It would be no ‘cost’ to help it. Would you just walk past? continue reading

What can you do to stop Climate Change?

We went to the South Coast for a few days over Christmas. I know, hardly the most intelligent option for a holiday, but we go every year to visit my parents. Seeing the beautiful white beach blackened with ash and the sky so thick with smoke you had to turn the lights on at 2pm was more than a wakeup call. continue reading

Top 5 Ethical Shops in Sydney

While I am very excited to say that there will be much focus on sustainable investment over 2020, it is the holiday season, so on a lighter note – here are my top 5 picks for ethical shopping in Sydney. continue reading

Why a Woman’s Financial Advice Needs are Different to a Man’s

Most financial planners are men, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that financial plans are built around men. A woman’s needs are a little different. continue reading

EOFY Super Strategies

INFOGRAPHIC (2018) If you are an employee... If you have money outside super... If you earn less than $51,813... If your spouse earns less than $40,000... continue reading

Do you invest your super in companies that manufacture arms and sell tobacco?

Most people would in principle like to invest their money ethically, but don’t for two reasons: · Investing is so difficult in the first place, you can’t even begin to think of adding another hurdle to the task. · You are afraid that investing ethically will cost more or jeopardise performance. continue reading

3 Tips to Avoid a Dodgy Financial Planner

The Royal Commission has certainly churned up the sleaze in the financial planning community. I have read with horror how financial planners at the big banks have wrecked clients’ life savings siphoned funds into bank products and charged exorbitant fees for no service. My favourite was that they actually continued to charge clients that had died several years prior. continue reading

Do You Trust Auction Clearance Rates?

How often have I heard people say ‘I will only look at the figures – numbers don’t lie. But they can and often do – figures are brazenly manipulated to show a particular point of view. Disguised as content and coupled by our apathy to do our own calculations, they are a lethal weapon in the sales process.   Like every other Australian, I am a property market nut. I scan my phone on Sunday evening to see the weekend’s auction clearance rate – is our property market hot or not! continue reading

How to never lose sleep over money (in 3 Easy Steps)

Aren’t you extremely worried? This is the question that I got asked by someone last Tuesday. I responded with the one eyebrow up, slightly perplexed look. So, he went on a little more tentatively – being a financial planner, with all the volatility. continue reading

OMG, I bought my 10yr old a Camilla!

Firstly, let me state that this is a judgement free zone. As previously admitted, I am happy to take out a small mortgage on a pair of boots but wince at spending $20 on a taxi – as long as you stick to the overall budget, it’s up to you what you spend on. continue reading

What is your Money Personality?

A hundred kids, on a sugar high, in scary costumes, demanding candy would typically send me to the hills – but I do quite enjoy Halloween. continue reading

An interview with Gabrielle Tindale

I hope that you enjoy my interview with the gorgeous Garielle from The House of Tindale.As much as it is about money, it is about women, love and self acceptance. It was shot in Gabriele's exquisite home in Vaucluse - a mix of luxe, quirk and fun. There is a bit of background noise so rather than doll it up with gloss and glam, I have left it raw and untouched.... continue reading

Have you ever abused your position of power?

It was back when I was at Uni. I had one of the craziest jobs that you could imagine. I was working at a Rave – my official role was to hook people up to something called a ‘Dream Machine’. It consisted of strobe light glasses, headphones and a walk-man like controller. It was said to induce deep states of relaxation and even produce altered states of consciousness. Kirk Cobain, who had recently died of a suspected suicide... continue reading

Do you need a money therapist?

I think that we spend far too much bloody time obsessing over money.We worry about losing what we have (even if we have multiple millions). We constantly agonise about not having enough and count every penny. We compare ourselves to our friends & siblings. We feel guilt about what we haven’t earned and justify every expense. We identify ourselves by it – frugal, wealthy or too pure to deal with it... continue reading

5 Ways to make your money grow (and grow)

We all dream about lounging on the designer couch in the beautiful house, filled with natural light, reflected in the infinity pool that spills over into the waters of Tamarama. But how do we get there? The problem is that we limited by what we can earn. We have heard the saying ‘you have to make your money work for you’. Great, but how? The solution is drowne... continue reading

Super - moving the goal posts

When the super changes came out, I was literally bombarded by over 50 emails on the subject, not to mention all the info available on various news sites. While my original intention was not to inflict more pain om my subscribers by yet another email on the subject, I have had so many questions over the past few days that I have finally succumbed to sending something out. Here is my short and sweet, palatable ... continue reading

Would you borrow a million dollars?

Recently I caught myself on the brink of doing just that - borrowing a million dollars to purchase an asset that had gone up 90% over the last four years! As I put my hand up to make just one higher bid the words ‘irrational exuberance’ pulled me back. Whether I will thank my sense of rationality or spend the future pining for the picture of the kids tumbling on the freshly mowed lawn, only time will... continue reading

Are You a Sports Car Stuck in Traffic?

Of course, we no longer openly set new year’s resolutions (the new year’s fairy does not bring along miraculous transformations and this is a pointless exercise doomed to failure). But admit it, you have set subconscious resolutions – you have work goals, relationship goals, an image of the desired bikini body and of course financial goals. Unfortunately, the year typically gets off to a slow st... continue reading

Cinderella is a F##**ing Fairytail

What is it about Cinderella? From the first time I read it to my daughter she was completely enamoured. I wonder if it is the handsome prince who rescues her or perhaps the notion that if our hearts are good and pure we will always be looked after. As we get older we burn our bras, take the pill and join the corporate world. We are emancipated and we are equal – and we almost forget about the Cinderella i... continue reading

Expensive Products in Cheap Packaging

If I want to buy something, I go online. It’s easier, cheaper and the same product. And believe me I have experience in this area - an entire shoe cupboard which is testament to my savvy online shopping. So if everyone takes it for granted that online is cheaper, couldn’t a company just put up a website with bright colours and ‘buy now’ buttons but, sell more expensive and inferior produc... continue reading

Ever fantasize about leaving your other half?

Of course you have, we all have, and many have actually taken the plunge. One of a woman’s biggest concerns in this situation is money - particularly if this is not something that she has taken care of before. Even if she has been involved and is reasonably on top of her finances, many of the arrangements that have been put in place as a couple are ineffective and costly to a single person. I have been wor... continue reading

Are insurance companies pulling the wool over your eyes?

My family was recently invited to celebrate the Chinese New Year with one of Sydney’s most successful restaurateurs. That his level of success was only matched by his modesty, would impress anyone, but what truly inspired me was his charitable work. He has set up a foundation to perform cataract operations in the remote villages of Cambodia. In a developed country like Australia, the growth of a cataract is ... continue reading

Money, Fear and Water-skiing

I was listening to a program on the radio this morning. The topic was –What was on your bucket list which you really have not enjoyed once you did it? Mine was water-skiing. I pictured myself as this gorgeous, sexy woman effortlessly gliding behind the boat. Reality was quite different. On the one side my arms were killing me, on the other, my swimsuit was riding so far up my butt I was afraid it would have ... continue reading

Start 2016 ahead with some quick and easy wins

Rather than aiming for the airbrushed figure of Miranda Kerr - a resolution that will no doubt end with your fingers in the cookie jar – let’s start 2016 ahead with some quick and easy wins. A gorgeous financial sarong that will cover the bumps and sachet you into the year. Ok – the sarong is your super. I know it sounds super boring, but It is the easiest area of your finances to fix and the im... continue reading

70 Gorgeous, Sexy, Professional, Young, Women

All with their heads perfectly screwed on and ready to take on the world (of course in a completely feminine way – through kindness and generosity) Thank you all for coming to the Professional Women’s Forum event last Wednesday evening. You are my inspiration and make what I do completely worthwhile. Of course, it is not enough to remember the value of money each time you put on your bra (a... continue reading

5 Rules For An Effective Conversation About Money

In any game there are rules of engagement. In the relationship game there are 5 simple rules to have a effective conversation about money (or any highly charged and emotional subject). Set aside time for the discussion – without interruption Keep emotional baggage out of the conversation Take the time to listen to and understand your partners point of view Keep the end goal in mind Conclude with a c... continue reading

3 Bank Accounts – Yours, Mine and Ours

Try this for fun: Toss two boxes of smarties – one big, one small – into the back seat and hope for a peaceful journey. Not a great way to manage your finances either! We previously discussed with changing roles and constant competition for access and control – ‘Why are so many fights are about money?’ – a tip to deal with the problem more constructively …&n... continue reading

Why are so many fights about money?

A close friend of mine recently got a Thermomix for her birthday which brought me back to this this 1960’s advertisement. Thankfully, we have moved on to such an extent that we can actually laugh at how insanely sexist it is. But moving on has brought its own complexities. With lines blurred as to whom in the relationship is responsible for what – conflict looms. While, only a small minefield in the... continue reading

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