70 Gorgeous, Sexy, Professional, Young, Women

22 Dec 2015 16:18 PM

All with their heads perfectly screwed on and ready to take on the world (of course in a completely feminine way – through kindness and generosity)

Thank you all for coming to the Professional Women’s Forum  event last Wednesday evening. You are my inspiration and make what I do completely worthwhile.

Of course, it is not enough to remember the value of money each time you put on your bra (a small inside joke), you actually have to do something about it.

Get in touch, read ice-cream finance or organise a seminar

A special thank you to Tal Allen and all the board members for organising such an excellent event and Jonny and Michelle Shein for welcoming us into your beautiful home.

Anyone who has experienced the joys and frustrations of a newborn can understand the importance of Mum4Mum. Thank you for supporting such a worthwhile organisation.

Warm Regards (as always)


M: 0416 538 227 e: marisa@onelifewm.com.au

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