Are You a Sports Car Stuck in Traffic?

09 Feb 2017 13:55 PM

Of course, we no longer openly set new year’s resolutions (the new year’s fairy does not bring along miraculous transformations and this is a pointless exercise doomed to failure).

But admit it, you have set subconscious resolutions – you have work goals, relationship goals, an image of the desired bikini body and of course financial goals.

Unfortunately, the year typically gets off to a slow start with you having to wait for other peoples’ budgets, schedules and own to do lists. Hence, the February Frustration! You are the sports car rearing to go but stuck in traffic!

Being frustrated is rarely conducive to getting anything done. So how do we get you out of the traffic?

What works for me is a short cut – some quick and easy wins to get momentum going.

So, from me – the finance guru – here is:

3 Quick, Easy, Zero Cost Tips to get your Finances off to a Good Start

1.       Don’t eat away your super with unnecessary costs:

The two big ones here are Adviser Fees and Life Insurance.

You may not even know that you have an adviser. There is no need to fund someone else’s retirement if they have not provided any level of service. Super Funds have become much more efficient and you won’t be on hold for hours – call and ask.

Life insurance is a little more complex but if you don’t have dependents or a mortgage, you may not need life insurance (everyone’s situation is different – feel free to give me a call on this).

2.       Pay off your credit card (or make a plan to do it):

The average credit card interest rate is 15%. This is highway robbery!! If you have cash in the bank – pay off your card. If you went a little too overboard over the holidays, try to get a personal loan or roll the debt into your mortgage (a little more complicated and requires some personal analysis).

3.       Review your mortgage:

2016 saw the lowest interest rates on record and intense competition between banks. If you have not reviewed your mortgage in the last 5 years – its time! While I don’t do this personally, I would be happy to arrange a free analysis for you.

Not only do you have three quick, easy and zero cost ways to greatly improve your finances, but it will give you a sense of achievement and the momentum to reach all your other goals.

I see that the traffic has cleared. I see beautiful women effortlessly cruising down the freeway in the sleekest of sports cars, wind in the hair and the world at their feet (ok a little to cheesy, but you get the picture).

Any questions, get in touch and as always, please forward to any friends that you think would benefit. 

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