Cinderella is a F##**ing Fairytail

17 Nov 2016 09:24 AM

What is it about Cinderella? From the first time I read it to my daughter she was completely enamoured. I wonder if it is the handsome prince who rescues her or perhaps the notion that if our hearts are good and pure we will always be looked after.

As we get older we burn our bras, take the pill and join the corporate world. We are emancipated and we are equal – and we almost forget about the Cinderella ideal.

This is until a little baby comes along. Suddenly we are not so free – responsible for looking after this tiny being who is infinitely vulnerable and equally demanding of our time and energy. We often take time out from our careers or reduce our hours. Our careers stagnate and our earnings decrease.

This is also a time when our hearts are pure and good with the love of a new child and we tend to revert back to the Cinderella myth - that we will always be looked after.

Interestingly this is a time when your partner will work more – compelled by his manly desire to provide for the family combined with the loss of our attention at home. So while your career stagnates his becomes stronger.

Before I had kids, I had a high flying corporate career in investment management. I earned well and felt our relationship was completely equal. Unfortunately, investment management is a male dominated field and a 24/7 career. Maintaining this and looking after my family was completely impractical. Not being able to work, I felt incredibly vulnerable.

Speaking to the mums at pickup, I realised that many women were in the same position. They were highly educated and had once had excellent careers but their financial freedom had been thrown out with the dirty nappies. They were even more vulnerable than me because they did not understand finance.

I realise now that I am in a wonderful position. Through my decade of experience in managing money, I can help other women regain their security. I have the ability to translate the male jargon of the financial planning world into more feminine terms. I can help women understand money and regain their confidence, security and equality.

In the modern world, knowledge is power. This power can be achieved through:

- understanding finance yourself – there are multiple information sources out there

- initiating and managing the relationship with a financial planner who has your best interests at heart. This is a skill women are naturally excellent at.

If you believe that you can be the beautiful, confident Cinderella, but just need a little help to get there, please get in touch. or 0416538227

(all full financial plans completed before the end of the financial year will receive a $200 voucher for David Jones - every Cinderella needs a pair of glass slippers)

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