Do you need a money therapist?

25 Oct 2017 05:24 AM

I think that we spend far too much bloody time obsessing over money.

  • We worry about losing what we have (even if we have multiple millions)
  • We constantly agonise about not having enough and count every penny
  • We compare ourselves to our friends & siblings
  • We feel guilt about what we haven’t earned and justify every expense
  • We identify ourselves by it – frugal, wealthy or too pure to deal with it
  • We are intimidated by it
  • And we self sabotage

And this is just in our own little heads.

When it comes to couples there is the whole added dimension of power-play, control and blame.

In the seeming serenity of my office I have seen it all – from tears to secret bank accounts.

When I work with you as a client, I aim to understand not only what your goals are but what you argue with your partner about and what keeps you up at night.

I then drilldown into the facts:

  • your employment & investment income
  • expenses -mortgage, school, travel
  • your debt – how much against what, what rate
  • your super - performance, fees, asset allocation
  • your investments – potential return & risks

I analyse, compare and calculate different scenarios until, ultimately, I come up with the final structure to achieve your goals and alleviate your stress.

While a clear financial plan will go a long way to achieve this end it will not go all the way.

I want my clients to go all the way!

To cover the extra mile, I am offering all my clients a free session with a gorgeous psychotherapist.

Qualified in couples counselling and psychotherapy, Monica has been counselling couples, families and individuals for 16 years. She has a particular interest in helping people improve their relationship to finances. In her experience, unhelpful relationships with money and finances can be the source of great stress, affect people's identity and self-esteem. In couples it can be the source of conflict or something that is avoided altogether. Sometimes It can be the source of unintended and unhelpful power dynamics in relationships.

Working together with Monica, I believe my clients will not only have a sound financial structure but they will have a healthy relationship with money, seeing it as a structural and necessary component to living and not the end goal.

The response to this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive. If you would like to discuss it with me in further detail, please get in touch.

Marisa Hoffenberg, BCom, CFA, DFP

t: 0416 538 227 e: w:

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