Money, Fear and Water-skiing

28 Feb 2016 13:27 PM

I was listening to a program on the radio this morning. The topic was –What was on your bucket list which you really have not enjoyed once you did it?

Mine was water-skiing. I pictured myself as this gorgeous, sexy woman effortlessly gliding behind the boat. Reality was quite different. On the one side my arms were killing me, on the other, my swimsuit was riding so far up my butt I was afraid it would have to be surgically removed. So why didn’t I just let go, put my hand up for help and get the boat to pick me up?

Many of the women I meet have this relationship with money. They are working as hard as they can to earn money, yet they are completely stressed out because:

- they feel that they won’t have enough when they retire

- they are paying too much for insurance

- they don’t have the right levels of debt

- don’t understand their investment options

So why don’t they just let go and get some help?

I really don’t know why I held onto that bar until the end of the ride. Was I afraid that everyone would think that I couldn’t do it or that I just didn’t like it? Did I just prefer to endure the pain rather than be found out?

Pure insanity!

So if this is you – not everyone knows about managing money and not everyone likes it. I can’t think of one reason to endure the stressful ride. Hop on the boat, ask for help, and enjoy the scenery.

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