Super - moving the goal posts

13 Jun 2017 17:30 PM

When the super changes came out, I was literally bombarded by over 50 emails on the subject, not to mention all the info available on various news sites. While my original intention was not to inflict more pain om my subscribers by yet another email on the subject, I have had so many questions over the past few days that I have finally succumbed to sending something out.

Here is my short and sweet, palatable guide to the major changes

There’s an old saying which we all know “Count your pennies wisely and the pounds will take care of themselves”.

The super changes clearly indicate that the government is counting all of your pennies too especially when it comes to superannuation.

While the goal posts have yet again been moved there are still plenty of opportunities.

Clearly this is a summary! If you would like further info on how the changes affect you, please get in touch.

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