You can make a difference

We invest our clients’ money in well-managed ethical companies. Through a rigorous analysis process, we can deliver both positive returns for you and have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Our Approach

We do like

do like

We don't like

don't like

We don’t compromise on performance

All the investment managers in our sustainable portfolios are subject to a rigorous analysis process. To be considered for inclusion they must show excellence in three areas: people, process and business management in addition to a well-constructed and diligent applied ethical overlay.

While you would think that excluding a significant portion of the universe would negatively impact performance, in fact the surprising truth is that sustainable investing may actually benefit your portfolio.

According to the data,

‘Responsible investment funds continue to outperform mainstream funds over most time frames and asset classes.’

Benchmark Report

Source: A Benchmark Report on Responsible Investment in Australia and New Zealand by the “Responsible Investment Association Australasia” (2016), page 12.Please note historical returns should be used for comparison purposes only and do not guarantee future returns. Figures to 31st December 2018

There is no compromise on quality or performance.

Why I do it

I have kids and hopefully they too will have their own kids one day...

  • The recent spate of natural disasters from floods to fires is a clear indication that our relationship with nature is out of balance. If we don’t start preserving the earth there will be nothing left for them.
  • Despite being in the 21st century, Human Rights abuse is rife – I don’t want to invest my money in companies that fund human trafficking, manufacture arms or sell tobacco.
  • I want my daughter to have equal opportunities to my son and I want companies to be accountable to society – not just their bottom line.

I wrote my first paper on Responsible Investment almost 15 years ago and was struck by the strong performance of these funds in all time periods. If I have the opportunity to do good – with no cost – I can’t see any reason not to do it.

Don’t be left behind

Global sustainable investing assets surged to $30 trillion in 2018 and $980 billion in Australia representing represents 44% of total professionally managed assets. While previously it was very difficult to have a portfolio that was both ethical and managed according to sound investment principals – now it is well within reach.

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